Diversity and inclusion

Kanorau me whakaura

We are a diverse and inclusive employer

It is our empathy and respectful approach to genuinely understand the needs of our clients, and their stakeholders, that allows us to successfully deliver.

We partner closely with agencies to find exceptional talent to meet their diverse needs.

We have delivered recruitment and talent services to:

  • Improve the response to hate incidents and hate crimes
  • Gender and Ethnic Pay Gap Action Plan
  • Diversity and Inclusion work programmes
  • Survivor Experience (abuse in care)
  • Residences and housing for tamariki
  • School lunches and period products in schools
  • Reduce family harm.

“Diversity is having a seat at the table. Inclusion is having a voice. And belonging is having that voice be heard.”

Liz Fosslien

What does diversity and inclusion mean to Likemind?

Where diversity can be understood as a celebration of differences between people, inclusion refers to creating a supportive and respectful environment that encourages and increases the participation of all employees.

Our way to ensure a diverse and inclusive approach is applied, every day

At Likemind, we believe diversity and inclusion is absolutely essential to drive creativity and innovation.

Every culture, every nationality, every individual sees the world in a unique way. Every culture, nationality, and each individual brings diverse knowledge, experiences, and understanding.

It is the everyday actions that make a tangible difference, not grand gestures. At Likemind, we are committed to making each workplace better than we found it. When all of these different views are shared, and heard together, amazing things can happen.

Likemind’s 6 commitments to diversity
and inclusion are to genuinely:

Discuss pay inequality/equality
Challenge unconscious bias
Respect individual choices and values
Hold each other accountable
Celebrate differences
Forbid discrimination of any kind
The real impact on the people we work with
It is a pleasure to work with you and I remain hugely impressed with the calibre of people you are finding for our roles in a tight market. You have a real talent for matching people to the roles, both in terms of skills and experience and personality fit for the role. Long may we continue to work together.
The real impact on people we work with
I’ve been humbled and inspired this week. The kaupapa guiding this mahi is incredible and I know I’m going to learn an awful lot over the next six months working as the Senior Communications and Engagement Advisor. Thank you for matching me with this awesome opportunity and my new team leaders for having faith in me.
The real impact on people we work with
This International Women’s Day I’m grateful to my agents at Likemind who helped me achieve my return to work dream. Who believed that I could be a great Project Manager AND a mum, working part time, and from home. We are each valuable for the whole person that we are, and we bring all of ourself to work every day. As we strive for equality we must expect our work places to adapt to our people and not the other way around.

Sound like a good match?

We focus on investing time and effort to authentically engage, understand and collaborate.

If you want to work with a team that aligns people and purpose, experience and knowledge, culture and values, we would love to hear from you today.

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